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Basic Knowledge Of Black Masterbatch Jun 27, 2017

Basic knowledge of Black Masterbatch
The Black Masterbatch can be colored, anti-aging agent, antistatic agent in one, made of multi-functional masterbatch, easy to use. Coloring uniform, stable, improve the quality of plastic parts. Black Masterbatch generally consists of three parts, Agent, carrier, dispersant, after mixing by high-speed mixer, extrusion granulation, Black Masterbatch in the plastic processing process, with high concentration, good dispersion, cleaning and other significant advantages.
Different functions of Black Masterbatch, the choice of paint, the performance is different, the following were introduced under the function of Black Masterbatch how to choose the pigment:
The same time as the above-
Heat-resistant Black Masterbatch selected pigments, *** basic requirements can withstand the temperature of polypropylene fiber production process, to maintain its performance stability. Temperature temperature is generally required for more than 270 ~ 280 ℃.
The same time as the above-
Dispersible Black Masterbatch pigment should be excellent in dispersibility, and in the Black Masterbatch to be dispersed evenly, and the use of dispersants will not reduce the quality of polypropylene fiber, otherwise it can not produce good quality stained fiber, run is not stable , It is easy to break or produce abnormal fibers when drawing fibers.
The same time as the above-
Brightness Polypropylene liquid coloring has a variety of uses, which are used for bedspreads and knitted fabrics, requiring bright colors. Because organic pigments are bright and bright, and easy to color, so that the use of organic pigments for the use of the above.
The same time as the above-
Light resistance In the light of the role of some pigments have photosensitive effect, so that coloring fiber fade and fragile, and the light resistance of the pigment is basically related to its chemical structure, so the production of Black Masterbatch should pay full attention to the light resistance of light, light Of the pigment need to be used, you can consider adding UV absorbers.
The same time as the above-
Stability of the Black Masterbatch used in the pigment, the coloring of polypropylene fiber to have excellent stability, that is, color fiber polymer over a long period of contact with heat, light or high temperature when the pigment does not react with the fiber to form a new chemical The performance of the polymer is low.
We have heard of Black Masterbatch it, the role of Black Masterbatch is very broad, our company is specialized in producing Black Masterbatch business, over the years, the company adhere to continuous innovation, developed a new product in the Black Masterbatch industry occupies Let's take a look at the application of the Black Masterbatch.
The same time as the above-
Black Masterbatch in line with SGS environmental requirements, color stability, strong color, can not fade. Can be widely used in plastic blow molding, injection molding, wire factory, sheet metal, home appliances shell, chemical fiber, engineering plastics raw materials, pumping aggregates, dyeing, , Tanneries, silicone rubber, fluoroplastic materials and other fields.