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why do we use plastic CaCO3 filler masterbatch Mar 21, 2018

why do we use plastic CaCO3 filler masterbatch 

In the past, most of manufacturers produce plastic bags with 100% resin HDPE. It costs a lot of espensive input materials. Besides that, the quality is not so good in some cases. That's why CaCO3  filler masterbatch  become the most important material in making plastic products.

1 Improve the anti-heating, rigidity and tightness property.
2  Remove the surface light from plastic products, to get 
sub-light effect.
3  Improve the surface
 antifriction and antislip property of plastic products.
4  Reduce shrinkage ratio of final products to improve size stability.
5  Reduce fire heating quantity of plastic products to
 reduce second pollution.
6 Improve surface printing property of plastic to reduce needed electric current under surface corona process.
  Provide breathe free to film products.
8  Improve heat-conduction property of plastic material to
 reduce molding period.