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Low Halogen Phosphorus Flame Retardant Master Batch for PP Nov 09, 2016

Low Halogen Phosphorus Flame Retardant Master Batch for PP

Basic Info:

Product Description:

Low Halogen Phosphorus Flame Retardant Master Batch is highly effective eco friendly flame retardant taking phosphorus

and brominated as elements used for PP. Compared with general octabromo-ether system, it owns higher flame retadancy

effect in small dose. Dose for homopolymerized PP is only 2-4%. Substitute for octabromo-ether and no precipitation. Solve

precipitation question on octabromo-ether very well, providing finished products small density, low fume, little molding corrosion

and excellent quality price ratio etc. Good dispersion property. 

Typical and Physical Properties:
AppearanceWhite granule
Bromine Content2.5
Phosphorus Content
Decomposing Temperature275C
Note: The data above to test the typical value should not be construed as specifications.

Typical Applications:

Widely used to polypropylene (PP) V2 level inflaming retarding.
Packaging and Storage: 25Kg/Bag, be careful when moving and placing. Seal saved, prevent from moisture.