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Black Masterbatch for Garbage Bag Jan 13, 2017

Black Masterbatch for Garbage Bag

Basic Info:

  • Material:Low Density Polyethylene/LDPE

  • Usage:General Plastics, Specialty Plastics

  • Plastic Properties After Heated:Thermoplastic Plastics

  • Plastic Forming Method:Film Pressure

  • Color:Black

  • Carbon Black:28%-15%

  • Transport Package:25kg

  • Specification:Carbon Black+additive

Product Description:
Black Masterbatch is an economy black LDPE based masterbatch containing high tint strength carbon black and super fine CaCo3.It is suitable for use in films with low performance requirements and the typical end product is trash bags.Not recommended for ultra-films or other film products with high performance requirements

Range of Application:
Black Masterbatch for Garbage Bag is designed for use in LDPE,HDPE,LLDPE.

Method of Usage:
Black Masterbatch for Garbage Bag is designed for ease of dispersion and is therefore suitable for direct addition and mixing with plastic resins in mixer,avoiding pollution and mal-scattering problems caused by pigment.