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Advantages of transparent filler Jul 05, 2016

Transparent filler compared with conventional filler, the biggest feature is added to all kinds of PP,PE products, very little effect on its transparency, hardly affect the rate of tensile strength and tensile. Efficient desiccant filler technology caused a sensation, and transparent filler compared with conventional filler, transparent filler is the biggest feature is added to PP, PE, small effect on PP, PE transparent and transparent filler can also be widely used in film, sheet, pipes, containers and so on.
Use in PE film, appropriate dosage can improve the transparency of HDPE films, have little impact on the transparency of the LDPE film. Meanwhile, with very good surface finish and balance of mechanical properties. These are commonly available as compared to filler. It can be predicted that the emergence of this filler, plastic filler and downstream applications have a greater impact.